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How Does A Pearl Party Work?

1. Book a party - either online or in your home.

  • The online parties will be done during a Facebook Live. We will ask you to join our Facebook page and then tell you a date and time to watch the Live video.

  • If your party is at home, we will come to your home - you tell your friends the date and time - and we will open the oysters there for you.

2. Purchase your oysters​ - go onto our website and purchase your desired number of Freshwater or Rice Pearl Oysters.

3. Choose your setting - on our website you will be able to choose your pendant to hold your pearl and your jewelry.

  • You choose the jewelry settings and we place them in the jewelry for you.

  • If your just interested in the the oysters, you do not have to purchase a setting.

4. Invite your friends - tell your friends about the party and have them go online and purchase oysters and settings.​

5. Have your party - either watch the Facebook Live video or welcome us into your home!

6. Select your oyster - we will have a bowl of oysters, each one containing a high-quality genuine pearl.​

  • What color will they be? How big will they be? No one knows until the oyster is opened!

  • You will get a hostess gift from us as well as some surprise pearl drawings throughout the night for your guests!!

7. Discover your pearl - watch us shuck your oyster(s) ​and discover your pearl inside!

  • All pearls are genuine freshwater pearls or rice pearls. Pearl colors will vary and can range from white, pink, peach, black, or you might even get twin pearls.

  • Pearl Fact: Pearls take their color from the inside of the shell in which they are growing - ranging from white to gold, and from purple to black.

8. Enjoy your pearl!​

9. Tell your friends about us!

 What happens if no one books a party?

If no one books a party, we will still have weekly Facebook Live videos! You will still be able to go on our website and order oysters and jewelry and we will still shuck your oyster(s) for you and place them in your jewelry!

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